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UI/UX Design

When it comes to a successful website or app, positive user experience is key.

At Infinite Reality, we specialise in user interface and user experience design, so we’ll help you predict your users’ needs—and meet them! By perfectly balancing these needs with your business goals, you’ll have a product that is accessible and easy to navigate.

The result? A beautifully designed product that customers love using.

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Web Apps

Want a website that stays true to your brand?

A template limits your website’s functionality and stifles your creativity.

Infinite Reality lets you think big. You can rely on our skilled team to build you a website tailored to your unique business needs. Through close consultation, we’ll make sure that your vision is perfectly executed. Modularity, scalability and usability are at the core of the products we create, so as your business grows, so will your website!

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Modern Interfaces

Custom Platforms

API Integrations

Mobile Apps

Stay ahead of the competition with an innovative mobile app.

Bluetooth, GPS & location services and payment solutions are just some of the technologies we can help you leverage. With Infinite Reality, you’ll get a scalable, maintainable and user-friendly app that works across all devices.

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Hardware Prototyping

Have an idea for the next big IOT device? You’ll need to test it before it goes to market. We’ll do the product design, the software architecture and the final hardware prototype, so you’ll get a look and feel for your device’s full potential before getting it out there. Let us bring your ideas to life.

Why stop there? We can help you optimise your device by building a custom app or website that connects your users to any device, anywhere, anytime.

Fusion 360, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MQTT
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Some of the projects we’ve brought to life.



  • DC

    Design & Dev | Design Central:
    Interior design tool & catalogue

  • Resolute

    Design & Dev | Resolute Robotics:
    Robotics eLearning platform

  • Imperium

    Design & Dev | Imperium University:
    Edx based online University

  • Impact coming soon

    Design & Dev | Impact Botswana:
    Volunteer recruitment platform

  • SubbEd

    Design & Dev | SubbEd:
    Substitute recruitment platform

  • Javelin

    Design & Dev | Javelin Sports:
    Sports Law services

  • GPT coming soon

    Design & Dev | GPT MobiTech:
    Technician Management App

  • NightGuard coming soon

    Design & Dev | NightGuard:
    IOT Security System

  • Go

    Design & Dev | Go Access:
    BLE Access Control System